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October 16 2013


Snooki biography


Snooki's Jersey Shore Pickle Costume

Biographies & Memoirs of Entertainers - Holy bump-its! It appears that Snooki costumes were one of the top sellers in women's costumes during the Halloween 2010 season. Snooki, aka Nicole Polizzi, may be the star of MTV's reality series JerseyShore that is most famous for her diminutive size, poofed-up hair and sassy "guidette" attitude. Although she's tiny, Snooki isn't someone to be messed with - although a drunken bar patron did infamously punch in the face on one series.

Biographies & Memoirs of Entertainers - While Snooki costumes could have been popular with those peeps who wished to parody her unique style, she took an entirely different direction on her Halloween costume this season. No, she didn't be a beer bottle or even a sexy baseball girl or as a sauced senorita with a drink at your fingertips. Instead, when invited to become a judge in a costume contest at The Mirage hotel in Nevada, Snooki appeared as a tribute to 1 of her favorite foods - pickles.

Her pickle costume was custom-made from a variety of fabrics and sequins in shades of green. Her mini dress was completely covered in large sequins built to appear to be crinkle-cut dill pickle slices. A complete, long green cape reaching to the floor added a royal flair to her Costume as did a pair of sparkly green heels plus a rhinestone tiara. However, the piece de capacity Snooki's costume was the large scepter she carried that featured an illuminated green pickle on the top! She was definitely a cucumber cutie, but inquiring minds wish to know if she was fully marinated like she actually is on most of the shows!

While becoming the Princess of Pickles might not be for you personally, there are lots of other food-inspired costume ideas perfect to put on to your next costume event -- perhaps the Lord of Lettuce, the Maiden of Mustard or perhaps the Sultan of Spaghetti. You just need a sheath-style costume representing the correct food, a long cape and a crown. Or, it is possible to go because the Burger King in line with the fast-food franchise's weirdly large-headed mascot.

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